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Poket is a customizable e-wallet environment developed for community to allow the user to make payments through the app to all participating merchants in its community.

You can start by leaving us your contact information and our representative will contact you for further enquiry and explanation. Within 45 days (with no extra feature request), we will:

  • meet and discuss to come out with the best solution for your e-wallet
  • customize Poket to fit with your brand
  • deploy your e-wallet to Google Play and AppStore to be available to download
  • provide training for your team admin
  • provide maintenance and support for the app

Digital wallet or e-wallet is perhaps the most trending payment system that has captured the hearts and minds of Malaysians these days (NST – July 5, 2020). e-wallet brings a community towards cashless era, a newer lifestyle, reducing many kinds of negative effect of a cash transaction (eg: Pickpockets, fake money, and more)

The minimum reloads is RM30, and there are no maximum reloads amounts, as long as your balance amount in the wallet do not exceed maximum, which is RM500.

The minimum withdrawal is RM10, while the maximum withdrawal are RM1000, dependent on the balance of your wallet after withdrawal charges. The withdrawal charge is RM1.

Reload charges are 2.5% via credit/debit card. If you’re using FPX, the charges are 1.5% from the total reload amounts.

For example, if you’re reloading RM50 via credit/debit card, you’ll pay RM51.25 and will receive RM50 in your wallet.
If you’re reloading RM50 via FPX, you’ll pay RM50.75 and will receive RM50 in your wallet.

However, these transaction rate are negotiable depends on your community volume of transactions. Please drop us an email to discuss more.

For user, they can:

  • save their credit or debit card and reload their wallet conveniently
  • pay cashless to merchant by scanning QR codes and inserting the amount
  • share wallet balance with their peer by scanning peer QR
  • save peer QR to favourite for easier sharing
  • save account detail for withdrawal to bank
  • transaction history list

For merchant, they can:

  • receive cashless payment via QR
  • view transaction details immediately on app
  • see settlement history via app
  • request settlement history via app

For both user merchant, they may:

  • register through app
  • close account through app

For admin, the can:

  • view transaction list and details
  • view merchant and user list and details
  • view settlement and withdrawal list and details
  • add admins
  • edit merchant and users

Yes we do. Please send us an enquire along with your request and we’ll have our representative to contact you as soon as possible!

Yes, you may. We’ll have a discussion on that! But do note that additional feature and customization may result in extended time of deployment and numbers of meetings.

No, if you’re planning on using them internally in your community, which mean no usage is allowed outside the community (non-registered merchant under you). Yes, if you’re planning on letting your user use the wallet outside of your community, which mean usage outside your community is allowed. If you’re planning on allowing usage outside of your community, we have help you for a consultation.

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